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Lyson Architecture is an architectural company providing comprehensive and personal architectural services to both residential and commercial sectors.


We have specialist experience with residential, commercial, social housing, aids and adaptations for elderly and disabled historic buildings, telecommunications and project management. Having worked within a variety of major housing associations, local councils, commercial clients, developers and contractors, this has enhanced our ability when dealing with client’s aspirations and requirements


Our rich knowledge in all types of housing, we have an in-depth understanding in designing the best for our clients. Our strength lies in our expertise and ability to achieve best value for our clients by maximizing development potential.

Social Housing

The design and delivery of social housing Lyson Architecture has been at the heart of our work since the earliest days of the practice, when we delivered pioneering schemes for housing associations.


To achieve a unique and successful commercial environment, we combine outstanding architectural design with a deep understanding of current commercial aspirations.

Aid & Adaptations

We currently specialize in preparing architectural designs for private and local authority funded adaptations for the elderly and disabled to accommodate ground floor bedrooms, wet rooms and level access areas to enhance a clients needs and requirements to improve and enhance our clients quality of living.

CGI & 3D rendering

Lyson Architecture is proud to be able to offer the finest quality 3D still renders and animations to bring your project to life. We work by first understanding the vision, and then use design and texturing, combined with the appropriate lighting effects, to create near photographic visuals. A meaingul relationship with our clients, combined with our deep architectural understanding, enable us to take produce excellent quality 3D renders for a multitude of different projects. We are constantly evolving and work in a number of different key software families to take advantage of the best parts of each.